Install SQL Server maintenance solution

This script will download and install the latest version of SQL Server Maintenance Solution created by Ola Hallengren

Install-DbaMaintenanceSolution -sqlinstance SQLSERVER01 -database master -BackupLocation "\\NetworkPath\Backup\SQLSERVER01" -InstallJobs  -CleanupTime 168

What do the parameters mean?

sqlinstanceServer NameSQLSERVER01
databaseDatabase Name (Defaults to master if none specified)master
BackupLocationPath where backups will be stored (defaults to native SQL path specified in the instance
InstallJobsThis switch will create the SQL agent jobsThis only works when you install the full solution
CleanupTimeHow many hours worth of backups should be retained

Following script will remove the unwanted SQL agent jobs created by the maintenance solution.

We delete the below four jobs since we handle the requirement through different jobs

Remove-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance SQLSERVER01 -Job 'sp_purge_jobhistory' -Mode Lazy
Remove-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance SQLSERVER01 -Job 'sp_delete_backuphistory' -Mode Lazy
Remove-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance SQLSERVER01 -Job 'CommandLog Cleanup' -Mode Lazy 
Remove-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance SQLSERVER01 -Job 'Output File Cleanup' -Mode Lazy 

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