Find users last login onto Bitbucket

SELECT cu.lower_user_name
      ,dateadd(second,cast(cast(cua.attribute_value AS nvarchar(255)) AS bigint)/1000,'19700101 00:00:00:000') AS LAST_LOGIN
         , cm.lower_parent_name
  FROM [BitBucket].[dbo].[cwd_user] As cu
      LEFT JOIN [BitBucket].[dbo].cwd_membership AS cm
        ON cu.directory_id=cm.directory_id
        AND cu.lower_user_name=cm.lower_child_name
        --AND cm.membership_type='GROUP_USER'

      LEFT JOIN [BitBucket].[dbo].cwd_user_attribute As cua
      ON = cua.user_id and cua.attribute_name='lastAuthenticationTimestamp' 
      WHERE cm.lower_parent_name IN('bitbucketusers','bitbucketadmins')

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