Export SQL Server config using dbatools

Exports SQL Server ALL database restore scripts, logins, database mail profiles/accounts, credentials, SQL Agent objects, linked servers, Central Management Server objects, server configuration settings (sp_configure), user objects in systems databases, system triggers and backup devices from one SQL Server to another.

Export-DbaInstance consolidates most of the export scripts in dbatools into one command.

This is useful when you’re looking to Export entire instances. It less flexible than using the underlying functions. Think of it as an easy button. Unless an -Exclude is specified, it exports:

All database ‘restore from backup’ scripts. Note: if a database does not have a backup the ‘restore from backup’ script won’t be generated. All logins. All database mail objects. All credentials. All objects within the Job Server (SQL Agent). All linked servers. All groups and servers within Central Management Server. All SQL Server configuration objects (everything in sp_configure). All user objects in system databases. All system triggers. All system backup devices. All Audits. All Endpoints. All Extended Events. All Policy Management objects. All Resource Governor objects. All Server Audit Specifications. All Custom Errors (User Defined Messages). All Server Roles. All Availability Groups. All OLEDB Providers.

The exported files are written to a folder with a naming convention of “machinename$instance-yyyyMMddHHmmss”.

Export-DbaInstance -SqlInstance SQLSERVER01 -Path \\SQLSERVER01\Backups\ -NoPrefix 
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